We define a Human Capital strategy aligned with your business needs.   We help you  define functional strategies, translate them into an execution plan and ultimately get measurable results by digging into the root causes of workplace inefficiencies and then providing insights that can help you make your business more responsive, more effective and nimble.

We assist with strategy, design, and execution across the full HR transformation life cycle  by identifying opportunities to enhance and improve your HR functions effectiveness;  redesigning your HR operating models and service delivery roles; system implementation; strategic workforce planning; handbook development; talent development and more.

We deliver proactive labor strategies that deliver results.  Whether you’re operating in a unionized environment and need management training; facilitation of union – management cooperation; collective bargaining support; or in a non-union environment and need to assess your organization’s vulnerability to organizing and require preventative efforts.

We provide full-service or self-service HR compliance solutions to ensure your workplace policies and practices are in compliance with Federal, State and Local Labor & Employment laws and requirements.  We follow a systematic process that evaluates the compliance requirements of each applicable area to minimize your compliance-related risk.

We design performance management tools and practices that are appropriately driven by the business needs through increasing employee accountability of their job performance; conducting job analysis; development of accurate job descriptions; establishment of competitive compensation; streamlining work processes; identification of training needs and more.

We provide guidance and training to employees, supervisors, C-suite leaders, and HR professionals.  Whether it’s learning the HR discipline, managing a diverse staff, leadership succession planning,  or getting the most from your leadership team, we provide custom developed coaching and training for each individual or group to align with the identified needs and goals.

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The HR Hotline™  is a subscription based service that provides your business daily access to HR Concierge Consultants who are available to respond to your everyday human resources needs.   This virtual HR service center provides your organization with access to knowledgeable professionals experienced in facilitating HR support across a variety of industries.  For an affordable subscription price, you will have access to on-demand support, best practices and step-by-step guidance to walk you through dozens of employee issues when you need answers the most. Join today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have experienced experts providing you with the solutions and support you need to effectively manage your employees and keep your business on the right track.

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