Our Story


Every business has a beginning, and ours began with Ivelices Linares Thomas having a vision of helping businesses succeed in the end-to-end management of their most important asset, their employees. With her background as an experienced Labor & Employment attorney and recognized Human Resources Executive, the companies we support are able to benefit from her expertise in developing practical solutions for complex organizational and employee issues that achieve business goals, protect business assets and minimize risk.

HR & Beyond brings decades of legal and in-house Human Resources experience to meet client workplace needs – including fully bilingual (English/Spanish) support and services.


Our organizational values are grounded on Integrity; Dedication; Excellence and People. Integrity is at the foundation of everything that we do. It guides every decision we make; every contribution; and all interpersonal interactions. We are Dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs and honoring the commitments that we have made to them. Achieving Excellence for our clients establishes our daily priorities. People matter! We treat our team members, clients, partners and vendors with dignity and respect – ALWAYS.


We have a demonstrated ability to successfully respond to our clients’ needs and provide exceptional service with the highest degree of professional integrity. Our goal is to assist organizations drive real change by achieving optimal efficiency, effectiveness and a positive employee experience in their service delivery model while ensuring compliance.

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