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Partnering with HR & Beyond through its partnership program is a rewarding business relationship. When you connect your clients with HR & Beyond’s services, you enhance your role as a trusted advisor and maximize your relationship with your customer while earning the opportunity to be rewarded up to $500 per referral.

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We understand just how important your clients are to your book of business. A strategic partnership with HR & Beyond enhances your role as a trusted advisor and allows you to offer custom HR solutions, maximizing your relationship with your client.

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HR & Beyond offers customized hands on support and consultation from assisting companies with HRIS vendor selection, to system optimization assistance. When you partner with HR & Beyond, our goal is to help your clients successfully deploy, utilize and stay connected to their current software.


Enhance your role as your clients’ most trusted advisor by bringing them industry-leading HR and Benefit solutions. We are Payroll Agnostic and will work with whatever payroll or HCM technology you decide is right for your clients.


We know how difficult it can be to continue to increase the value that you bring to your customers and increase their lifetime value. HR & Beyond can help you help your clients manage their Human Capital. Think of us as your very own Managed HR offering.


Human Capital is the greatest asset of each and every company. Having the right people in the right positions executing the right plans is essential to growth. The experts at HR & Beyond provide an in-depth HR Assessment during Due Diligence, and will help manage all the HR transaction and compliance issues that stand in the way allowing managers to do the work necessary to grow the business.


A strategic partnership with HR & Beyond helps you increase the value that you bring to your clients by supplementing your core services with our specialty areas. Leveraging HR & Beyond’ resources helps you meet even more of your clients’ needs.

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