Managed Human Resources is a service option where a business hires a third party to manage some or all aspects of HR on behalf of their business. With our Managed Human Resources solution, business owners are designated an HR Advisor dedicated to manage as much or as little of the HR function as desired.

Absolutely.  At HR & Beyond we understand that no two companies are the same.  Because of that, we offer customizable HR support solutions to meet the individual needs of your company so that you have the flexibility of choosing which HR functions to outsource and which to maintain yourself.

Outsourcing your HR needs not only frees you and key personnel from the administrative burdens of human resources, but it also provides you with affordable access to the expertise you need to properly address complex issues of Federal, State and local workplace compliance. With HR & Beyond, your company will be able to leverage over 25 years of legal and human resources expertise without having to add to your payroll. You’ll have top-notch insight into how to improve your workplace, streamline your HR and adopt best practices.

In this climate of remote workforces and remote support, providing support virtually does not compromise the level of support you and your employees will receive. We spend enough time upfront getting to know your company and your teams that it is just like emailing or calling the office down the hall versus walking over to meet in person. Our clients find this efficient and effective. We also assure we have the latest and greatest technology that keeps your information secure and ensures that we can be available to you whenever needed.

When you engage HR & Beyond, it is our sole job to get to know you and your business and make recommendations as to what services make sense for you. We will recommend only what will help you and your business succeed.

Even if you have “someone who is in charge of your HR”, our solutions are customized to provide your business with exactly what it is that you need which can include providing additional support and/or resources to your current team member. We will design and deliver

YES! The fact is that over 40% of employment claims are made against small businesses. If you are a business, with even 1 employee, there are workplace laws and compliance requirements that you are required to follow as a business owner – and the time you would be spending trying to figure this out on your own would be better spent focused on you business. The good news is that with HR & Beyond, you can gain access to affordable, knowledgeable HR expertise your business needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring internal staff – plus have the confidence of knowing that it’s being done right.

At HR & Beyond we do not have a “one size fits all” approach. Your business is unique and as such the HR Solutions you need will be specifically tailored to your Company. Ultimately, pricing will be determined by which aspects of your HR function you choose to outsource and the total number of employees in your organization. However, rest assured, our business conscious pricing model make our services affordable to starting or established businesses alike. We believe in the value of small businesses, and believe that they should have access to the same high quality HR support that larger businesses can afford.

Most small and mid-sized business owners lack access to necessary expertise in human resources, payroll and regulatory compliance to meet the demands of being an employer, let alone keep up with the ever-changing workplace regulations that exposes you to fines, penalties and lawsuits. As a business owner, partnering with HR & Beyond allows you to focus your time and energy on what you do best, running and growing your business while being confident that your HR responsibilities are being managed effectively.

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